The product



The ACTION-TRACTION (Stukout) is an accessory that will make the difference in unfortunate situations. Whether you are a hunter, adventurer, contractor or trucker, a stuck truck is never a tedious task and is rarely fun. With the STUKOUTTM, a simple traction effect will get you out of the worst situations. This accessory is easily installed and can be used in just a few minutes.

The adventurer who escapes to the most remote corners where there’s no telecommunication service will appreciate the feeling of confidence and security that the STUKOUTTM will give him.

This product is also a plus value in terms of a company’s performance : a construction site will no longer be slowed down by a stuck truck requiring disturbance from colleagues and the use of expensive machinery.

Truckers traveling on winter roads can travel with confidence. In fact, whether it’s use for fun or for work, a traction accessory should always be within reach. If the booster cables are an indispensable part of a vehicle, it will probably be the same for our STUKOUTTM.